Deabruen / Specter of a Moonless Night

In January 2022 I started a collaboration with another DS musician. It was going to be a side project but over time the process of crafting songs and a story became my primary musical focus.

Deabruen (Basque for devilish or of the devil) is the project of vocalist/composer Azeyrn and myself, combining Burzumesque synthesizers with a spoken word narrative. The story is still developing, but will focus on a lost soul trying to regain hope, sanity and find inner peace. Our full length debut Citadel of Brightness will be out on Umbra Vulgaris in September. Check out the first track with vocals below.

In the meantime we decided to release an instrumental “prelude” EP entitled Specter of a Moonless Night which will be out May 6th alongside Umbra’s other seasonal offerings.

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