Forthcoming collaborations

The spring Umbra releases are out today.

One of them in particular is a new project of mine called Deabruen. The other member of the band is my good friend Azeyrn, who is more commonly known to the dungeon-synth scene as Narbaiz. He is a remarkably talented musician and writer of lore. This is what fueled our collaboration on Deabruen, working to write an ongoing story of a man and his inner demons. This first EP released today is instrumental, but the full length coming in September will be spoken-word with a backdrop of ambient / droneish dungeon synth.

Frostgard and I are also working on a split for September. Her music is almost too beautiful to be described and it will be a nice challenge to work with together on a Tolkien concept release. This will be the return of Madrigals, the first and only new material in 2022. Besides this and one other potential split, Madrigals will be retired as a serious activity and my other ambient projects will be my creative focus.

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